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Ivy Lane is closed for 2 months and the food bank is to found in Clifton Room in the Guildhall  on Weds 11-1pm

The AGM is 9th May 7th to be held in Clifton Room in the Guildhall.

What would you do if you were made redundant or had your hours cut back?

If there was an illness in the family and all your money was spent on bus fares to hospital, who would put food on your table?

How would you manage if your car needed major repairs and you couldn’t get to work without it?

If your utility bills were more than you expected and you had no money left for food, where would you go? 

If your seasonal work ended and you had to wait up to 12 weeks for benefits to start, how would you pay for gas, electricity and food?

These are some of the questions the people who come to the Food Bank, through no fault of their own, have to find answers to.

Fortunately due to the support of the Towns people of Dartmouth and surrounding villages Dartmouth and District Food Bank can help people through these crises.


07925 120024

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